Campus & Student Life

Michigan Lutheran Seminary is a school that aims to focus all our endeavors around the Word of God. Students have the opportunity to worship in chapel in the morning and evening. They are blessed to have Christian professors and friends to love and support them in their daily lives. Every student is directed to God's riches in Christ who paid the ultimate price for our forgiveness and salvation. Student discipline is based on the two keystone doctrines found in the Bible: the law and the gospel. Sharing a common faith becomes evident in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in our student’s daily lives as we all grow in God's grace and in the knowledge of our Savior. God’s Word is our great heritage and is present in our students' lives on and off campus.

Within Seminary's inclusive community, you'll find many ways to get involved and make lifelong friends. We have an active campus, where recreation, sports and student groups play key roles in the unique MLS experience. MLS offers a wide variety of co-curricular activities. In addition to interscholastic sports and various musical activities, students can discover and develop their talents in many different ways.

Student Council
Elected representatives of MLS are leaders in the Seminary Family in many ways. The Executive Council gathers over the noon meal on Day 1; the whole Student Council meets over lunch on Day 3. During these meetings, the student council plans community service opportunities and fun activities for the student body. Activities include events such as:

  • Blood Drives (Michigan Community Blood Center)
  • Christmas Party
  • Homecoming
  • Junior Senior Banquet
  • Talent Show
  • Costume Party
  • Winter Carnival

School Publications
Two school publications are staffed and published by the students of MLS. The student newspaper (the Red & White) is produced throughout the school year. Production of the newspaper provides students with the opportunity to use and develop skills in composition, art, graphics and design, as well as the opportunity to communicate to students the activities and events at MLS.

The school yearbook (the Cardinal) is produced annually and distributed to students in the spring of the year. Students work with a faculty advisor in the planning and production of this book.

Taste of Ministry
Taste of Ministry is a program designed to give students the opportunity to gain personal exposure to the preaching and teaching ministry. Senior boys considering the pastoral ministry spend several days with a pastor; senior boys and girls considering the teaching ministry spend two days in a Lutheran elementary school observing and assisting classroom teachers. This program is designed to help students appreciate the joys and challenges of full time work in the church, thereby receiving encouragement to continue their training for full time ministry. 

Project Titus
Since 1981, MLS students have traveled during summer months to cities and countries both in the U.S. and abroad.  These trips allow them to be exposed to cross-cultural outreach, to gain experience in the work of a mission while also assisting congregations in their outreach programs. The trips also encourages students to continue their training for the public Gospel ministry. To see more about Project Titus, visit the Project Titus page.