Average GPA: 3.51
% to 4yr College: 95%
Students: 196
States: 13

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Why MLS?

"It fills me with gratitude to know that the men and women who work at MLS will, God-willing, help me to raise Christ-centered young men."


Michigan Lutheran Seminary, or MLS, provides an outstanding educational experience to equip students for Christian living and the public ministry. The mission and special purpose of Michigan Lutheran Seminary is to prepare high school students for the public ministry of the gospel, encouraging them to enroll in Martin Luther College, the WELS’ college of ministry. MLS is one of two synodical called worker preparatory schools. Michigan Lutheran Seminary encourages and teaches students through the grace of our Christian gospel, nurturing faith through regular and diverse worship opportunities and ministry experiences. Faculty, coaches, and staff teach and inspire each member of the Seminary Family evangelically as a redeemed child of God, using law and gospel through counseling, encouragement, and loving Christian discipline.

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Campus Map

Check out a map of our school grounds here. Or, better yet, come visit us in person.

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Christian Education: Pressing on Toward the GoalMLS has a single course of study which is designed to equip every student to meet the enrollment requirements of Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota. Students are required to complete a religion course each year. Each class is an opportunity for students to grow in grace through the Word of God in a way that builds up their faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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Applying to MLS

Apply to MLS Today! Application for enrollment at MLS may be made at any time during the year preceding the start of school.  It is best if applications can be submitted by the month of April prior to the new school year. There is no application fee. Click the apply button below to get started.

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Project Titus

Since 1981, MLS students have traveled during summer months to cities in the U.S. and countries abroad. These trips offer an amazing opportunity for cross-cultural immersion and outreach. Students gain real-life experience in a mission field and are encouraged to continue their training for the public Gospel ministry. Check out the photo gallery for pictures of what our students got to do this past summer.

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High School Placement Testing

Students entering the 9th or 10th grades take a nationally normed placement test that measures verbal and quantitative ability, plus skill in language, reading, and mathematics.  The results give the MLS Admissions Committee a single standard by which to measure all students.  When great distance makes attendance for testing impossible, MLS arranges for individual pre-admission testing with a student's pastor or teacher.

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Visit MLS

Plan Your Visit To Learn About MLSWe love having visitors! Michigan Lutheran Seminary welcomes people and families of all ages and places to visit our campus in Saginaw, Michigan. Most often, we have three types of visit requests. They are Shadowing a Student (stay in the dorms for a night and then follow a student around for a day of class), a School Visit & Tour (bring a group from your school to see the school), or attending an Open House (an event that provides parents and students to see firsthand what makes Michigan Lutheran Seminary special). The online registration form makes scheduling a visit quick and easy. Simply fill in a few boxes and your visit is planned.

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International Students

For decades MLS has welcomed international students from a variety of countries and almost every continent. While at MLS, international students experience a broad interaction with American culture in everyday life and through prearranged events. Along with the benefits of the strong academic curriculum at MLS, international students have both formal and informal opportunities to grow in their knowledge of the English language and to grow in their Christian faith.

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Dorm Life

Since many of our students come from areas where a daily commute is difficult or impossible, about two-thirds of the student body live in dorms. The dorms aren’t just a place to sleep, however. The dorms offer a unique and fun living experience, as students get to live together with their friends and learn how to take responsibility for their daily routines. If you get a chance, ask a dorm student about dance parties, sleepovers, and playing mafia.

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The Arts

The MLS Arts Department creates for students the opportunity to develop understanding, skills, and values related to the performing arts. MLS offers a variety of opportunities for students to participate in music, theater, and the fine arts, using their gifts to the glory of their Lord and Savior.

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MLS offers many opportunities to visit our campus throughout the year. We offer many different types of events for all age groups. Please feel free to come for a visit! We look forward to seeing you on campus throughout the year. Visit our website 

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These are some of the most common questions and answers about MLS.

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Christian Family Solutions

The mission of WLCFS-Christian Family Solutions is “healing and helping people in need through the ministry of Jesus Christ.” This idea is the foundation for all we do and resonates throughout all of our programs and services.

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Campus & Student Life

Michigan Lutheran Seminary is a school that aims to focus all our endeavors around the Word of God. Students have the opportunity to worship in chapel in the morning and evening. They are blessed to have Christian professors and friends to love and support them in their daily lives. Every student is directed to God's riches in Christ who paid the ultimate price for our forgiveness and salvation. Student discipline is based on the two keystone doctrines found in the Bible: the law and the gospel. Sharing a common faith becomes evident in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in our student’s daily lives as we all grow in God's grace and in the knowledge of our Savior. God’s Word is our great heritage and is present in our students' lives on and off campus.

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History In the late 19th century, the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Michigan felt a need to train pastors to serve a growing number of congregations. They recognized the value of training their own pastors so that they would continue to have well-trained confessional pastors.

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MLS Food Service

Welcome to the MLS Dining Hall! As a staff we strive to provide all of our students, faculty and staff with tasty, nutritious meals and snacks. Whether it is educating students on varied sources of lean protein, or changing recipes to eliminate common allergens, we are available to guide students through our daily menu offerings to help them select items that will allow them to achieve their maximum potential on the athletic field and in the classroom.

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Tuition & Financial Aid

Each year, the MLS Governing Board reviews and updates the charges for tuition, room, & board. While published rates already reflect support provided by WELS and other donors, MLS also offers discounts for families with multiple students attending either MLS or MLC and makes annual financial aid distributions from the MLS Student Aid Fund, providing additional financial help to approximately 60% of the student body.

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Junior Cardinals

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Science & Fine Arts Fair

MLS is happy to offer a normal Science and FIne Arts Fair this year on March 5, 2022. Included in the fair will be five categories: art, science, forensics, music, and spelling. The Math Competition will not happen this year. 

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Future Cardinal Travel Fund

We know visiting campus is the best way to see if MLS is the right fit for you, but we realize traveling can get expensive. That’s why MLS sets aside money to help defray travel costs for families, congregations, and churches visiting MLS. We will reimburse a portion of travel costs up to $500 as funds are available. Any students and their families who are interested in attending MLS for high school should come to MLS for a visit. - Stay in the dorms

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Parent to Parent Connection

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Request Info Packet

Thank you for your interest in Michigan Lutheran Seminary! Complete the interest form below and we’ll provide you with the latest information about campus, upcoming events, programs, application information and more!

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Cardinal for a Day

Last year, over 250 grade schoolers from 1 to 8 grade came to MLS for a day of fun, learning, and Christian fellowship. The day was a huge hit! The grade schoolers got to meet our high school students as well as students from other WELS grade schools. They loved it and so did our students. So, this year, we decided to do it again and open it up to more schools.

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Summer Coaches Letters

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Campus Tour

Select a video to view from below: Commons Chem Lab Dining Hall Physics Lab Science Lab Main Office Boys Bathroom Quad Dorm Room Third Floor Bathroom and Showers Double Dorm Game, Cardio, and Laundry Biology Classroom Standard Classroom Choir Room Band Room Library Chapel Trophy Hall Music Hall & Organ Weight Room Gym

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