International Students

International Students

For decades MLS has welcomed international students from a variety of countries and almost every continent. While at MLS, international students experience a broad interaction with American culture in everyday life and through prearranged events. Along with the benefits of the strong academic curriculum at MLS, international students have both formal and informal opportunities to grow in their knowledge of the English language and to grow in their Christian faith.

2021-22 International Tuition, Room, Board, and Fees

Tuition/Room/Board  $19,760       

MLS tuition, room, board, and incidental fees for international students are set annually by the governing board. All changes are subject to revision as economic conditions warrant. There is financial aid available for students whose families have financial needs.

International students can obtain additional information from certain MLS liaisons located in their home countries.

  • Korean students may contact Pastor Choi or Jessica YJ Sone at Seoul Lutheran Church/Canaan Lutheran Academy at
  • German students may contact Pastor Albrecht Hoffmann at

Students from countries not listed here may contact Professor Andrew Naumann at for more information.