Michigan Lutheran Seminary, or MLS, provides an outstanding educational experience to equip students for Christian living and the public ministry. The mission and special purpose of Michigan Lutheran Seminary is to prepare high school students for the public ministry of the gospel, encouraging them to enroll in Martin Luther College, the WELS’ college of ministry. MLS is one of two synodical called worker preparatory schools. Michigan Lutheran Seminary encourages and teaches students through the grace of our Christian gospel, nurturing faith through regular and diverse worship opportunities and ministry experiences. Faculty, coaches, and staff teach and inspire each member of the Seminary Family evangelically as a redeemed child of God, using law and gospel through counseling, encouragement, and loving Christian discipline.

The Seminary Creates a Close Family Bond & Connection for Life
The expression Seminary Family is often heard on campus. It is used by students and faculty to describe the close bond that forms at MLS. Students worship, study, practice, compete in sports and eat meals together. Our common Christian faith ties our student body together in love and concern for one another. MLS teachers and professors encourage each student to use his or her talents in academics, performance, competition, social life and Christian service to the glory of God.

Faculty, administration, coaches and staff take seriously the great trust parents and guardians place in MLS, supporting and teaching each student in humility, acknowledging their God-given role as spiritual guides, educators, caretakers and parental representatives. Friendships become so strong that classmates consider each other brothers and sisters, members for life of the Seminary Family.

The Educational Experience Prepares Students for Success in Life as Christians
Students learn through various forms of modern technology. MLS academics are focused on a balanced and challenging curriculum that includes religion, languages, science, technology, math, history and the arts, with a special emphasis on vocal and instrumental music skills. Students experience a rich diversity of cultures through the admission and incorporation of international students into the student body. Students are encouraged to develop leadership, interpersonal communication skills, and sportsmanship skills through participation in team sports and extracurricular activities.

Michigan Lutheran Seminary Promotes the High Calling of the Public Ministry

MLS is a solid voice for confessional Lutheran doctrine and practice. Students who attend Michigan Lutheran Seminary receive an outstanding education that prepares them for life, higher education and the high calling of the public ministry of the gospel. Students are encouraged to attend Martin Luther College (MLC) through academics centered on the Word of God and the means of grace.

For more than 100 years an average of 45 to 50 percent of high school graduates from MLS have gone on to study for public ministry in the WELS. Other graduates use their gospel-based education in secular professions and through active involvement in their congregations. Today, MLS graduates, together with graduates from our sister school, Luther Preparatory School in Watertown, WI., account for more than half of the pastors in our synod and about one-third of our teachers.

The purpose of MLS from the beginning has been to train full-time called workers to proclaim God’s Word to His people and help them reach out with the gospel to all nations.