MLS Booster Club

Founded in 1955, the MLS Booster Club exists to pray for the MLS family and ministry, promote the program and mission of MLS, help at school functions, give graduation grants for future pastors and teachers, underwrite non-budgeted items for the school, provide volunteer labor for special projects, and support international and cross-cultural programs.

Donations to the MLS Booster Club are used to support:

  • $6,000 in scholarships to Martin Luther College, annually
  • Purchase of miscellaneous items to support MLS such as:
    • Helped fund a new camera lens (2016)
    • New big screen TV in commons (2016)
    • Subsidized spec bus to football playoff games
    • Concessions tent for home football games (2013)
    • MLS end-of-season sports banquets (ongoing)
    • CD/DVD duplicator for Athletic Department (2011-12)
    • Football team banner (2011-12)
    • Repairs to popcorn machine (2011-12)
    • MLS commencement concert music (2010-11)

Activities sponsored by the MLS Booster Club:

  • Concessions at home football games
  • Super Bowl Party for MLS students
  • Adult Volleyball Tournament (Men's, Women's and Coed)
  • 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament for Grades 5-8
  • Exam and birthday candy bags for students
  • Sports buttons (fall and winter sports) 

2017 Super Bowl Throne winner, Jack Vogel!!!
2017 Super Bowl Throne winner, Jack Vogel.

February 2, 2020 - Super Bowl Party
March 14 & 15, 2020 - Adult Volleyball Tournament - Click Here For More Information

TBD, 2020 - 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament - Click Here For More Information

President - Lee Miller
Vice President - Debbie Schaaf

Secretary - Heidi Owczarzak
Treasurer - Amy Miller
MLS Advisor - Mike Priebe