Will I be able to afford sending my kids to MLS?
People from a wide variety of financial situations send their sons and daughters to MLS. Since we don’t want to turn anyone away for financial reasons, there is need-based financial aid available. Check out our financial aid page

What do dorm students do during their free time?
Our dorm students are rarely bored. Many of our students are involved in multiple extracurricular activities, like football, choir, or theater. If you weren’t busy with those activities, you might find yourself playing basketball outside, playing video games or cards inside, or hanging out in the commons. Maybe you might walk down to Fuzzy’s, Papa John’s, or 7/11 for something to eat. In fact, it’s a lot like when you have free time at home, except all of your friends are there too!

What if I don’t know if I want to be a pastor or teacher? Can I still come to MLS?
Absolutely! Most of our students aren’t totally sure of what they want to do for a career yet. At MLS, we don’t require you to become a pastor or teacher, but we will help you see what it’s like. We’ll give you experiences that help you see what ministry is like. We simply ask that you keep an open mind. In the end, 40-60% of our students attend Martin Luther College to study for the public ministry. No matter what career you choose, MLS will equip you to be a well-rounded Christian who knows and serves God.

What’s the food like in the Cafeteria?
Many of our students say that the cafeteria is their favorite place on campus! There are lots of options at every meal. If you were to eat in our dining hall, you’d find two hot food options every day, as well as cereal, various fruits, a salad bar, and a sandwich station. You could grab a glass of chocolate milk, soda, or juice, or fill up a cup of cappuccino after that. Still hungry? Go up and get another plate of food! And don’t forget to finish it off with a bowl of ice cream. Don’t believe us? Come check it out when you visit!

What do we do if my child needs academic counseling?
Students or parents may talk with the student’s faculty adviser, the academic dean, or professors about finding a tutor for your student. Many professors are willing to help students sometime during the day if needed. Student tutors are also available upon request if agreed upon by the professor and advisor.

What happens if my child gets hurt during a sports activity?
An athletic trainer is present at most interscholastic athletic events and many practices. She is also available on a regular basis to assist any student, including non-athletes. The cost of visiting a physician or the hospital is billed directly to parents.


What happens if my child is sick?
The Nurse is available from 7:00AM-9:30AM. A tutor is always available to take your child to Med-Express or the Emergency room . If your child is sick they are to remain out of school for the entire day.

What happens if my child has to stay in the dorms when they are closed for a holiday or long weekend?
International students are encouraged to spend weekends with their host families as often as possible. Students that live out of state are encouraged to find a friend that lives nearby. A dorm staff member is always available to help find a place for your child to go for the weekend. The dorm staff will notify you as early as possible in order to make plans for your child.

When does my child needs car permission?
Each dorm student has individual car permission granted by their parents. Parents are able to change their child’s car permissions at any time by calling or emailing the dorm staff. If a student is leaving at any time from the dorm they must sign out with a tutor in the IDO before they leave and sign back in when they return.

How does my child take a PER (permission)?
Each student is given so many “pers” each term. Students may use a per to get out of a study hall for the night so they may partake in a different activity such as an athletic event, choir practice, or have more free time. The number of pers given is based off of class and GPA.