Tuition & Financial Aid

Each year, the MLS Governing Board reviews and updates the charges for tuition, room, & board. While published rates already reflect support provided by WELS and other donors, MLS also offers discounts for families with multiple students attending either MLS or MLC and makes annual financial aid distributions from the MLS Student Aid Fund, providing additional financial help to approximately 60% of the student body.

Tuition, Room & Board Fees (2022-23)

  1st Student Additional Student(s)
Tuition $7,840 $7,340
Room/Board $4,950 $4,950
Dorm $12,790 $12,290
Commuting   $7,840 $7,340


Online Financial Aid Application Information
If you are unsure whether your resources are sufficient to meet the total costs of an MLS education, please be sure to apply for financial aid. MLS utilizes an admissions and financial aid award management system called TADS. Financial aid is available based on demonstrated need. TADS provides a framework through which household need can be measured fairly and equitably. Data reporting provided by TADS will be used by the MLS Financial Aid Committee in accordance with its policies to determine the award amount. Final awards notices will be distributed by the committee not later than early June.  Applications for financial aid may be completed online, or you can request a paper copy, which can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to TADS when complete.  Click here for a full financial aid prep sheet to review before you begin the application process.  At any time during the process, you may contact TADS directly for assistance completing the online application or to check application status. Please note that TADS does not have student award information. For any other questions, including award information as applicable, please contact MLS Financial Aid Counselor Ms. Denys Eurich at (989)793-1010, extension 264.

Student Travel Stipend
MLS provides partial reimbursement for the cost of travel to and from MLS to domestic students living in the United States and Canada, residing more than 250 miles from Saginaw. Travel aid is available to students based on several factors, including distance from the MLS campus, financial aid status, and average airfare. Questions regarding travel aid may be directed to the MLS Financial Aid Counselor, Ms. Denys Eurich at (989) 793-1010, extension 264.

Looking for information on International Student costs? Please visit our International Student page.