Science & Fine Arts Fair

MLS is happy to offer a VIRTUAL Science and Fine Arts Fair this year. Included in the Fair will be four categories: art, science, forensics and music. The Math Competition and Spelling Bee have been cancelled. Even though we cannot be in person, we hope that this experience can be enriching for all the participating students. Below I hope to give you all the information you need to participate.

All grade school students from grades 3-8 in our surrounding Lutheran elementary grade schools will be allowed to participate. A school fee will be charged to each school that has students participating. There will be no individual entry fees for each entry or category this year.

This year ribbons will only be given only to the top 4 winners in each category. (Example: For 3rd grade art, there will be one first place winner, one second place, one third place winner, and one fourth place winner.) Forensics groups will be judged in one group and the top four groups will receive ribbons.

Projects rubrics, along with project rules are included under the four categories. Added this year is a parent checklist which indicates the items that you will have to be aware of as far as virtual considerations.

This will be the time frame this year:
By March 13th, you should aim to have the projects completely done or ready to perform. Your school may choose to have a display or small Fair of their own if they wish, however, this will be up to each individual school.

By March 20th, all entries, including their images and videos need to be uploaded to the MLS website. No entries will be accepted after this date.

By March 27th, MLS will have the projects/performances judged and ready to be announced on their website. After this date ribbons will be either sent out to the school or hand-delivered by a member of the MLS family.

If you have any further questions in regards to the Fair please contact these various people in each area:

  • Technology Questions/Problems: Mr. Mike Priebe at
  • Science: Prof. Allen Ash at
  • Music and Forensics: Mrs. Arianna Siegler at
  • Art and/or any other general questions: Prof. Cheryl Kopp at

    In Chtist’s Service,

    Prof. C. Kopp





For school administrators ONLY. Click the button below to pay your school fee.
Deadline is March 13, 2021