Junior Cardinals


The 2019-20 Jr. Cardinal program is your free ticket to MLS home sporting, theatre and music events. Join us to enjoy some family fun at Michigan Lutheran Seminary!

Jr. Cardinals is a program that encourages grade school students to see themselves as part of our Michigan Lutheran Seminary family. We want them to come to any and every MLS event that they are able. The Junior Cardinal program helps make this possible. At the first game they attend, grade school children receive a Jr. Cardinal Pass. Any time a Jr. Cardinal attends an MLS home sporting event with their Jr. Cardinal Pass, the Jr. Cardinal and a parent will receive FREE admission into the MLS event. At all Junior Cardinal events, there will be games, activities and prizes, and opportunities to meet MLS players and students.

This program is open to any children in 5K through 8th grade.
Enjoy a chance to meet our MLS family and see our school up close.

Students scan their pass at each home MLS event as well as for select MLS band and/or choir concerts or “bonus” events you attend (one scan per child per event). Each scan will be tracked, the more scans, the better prizes you can win! Upon siging up or verifing your previous information you will receive a Jr. Cardinal t-shirt!

After the winter sports season all qualified submissions are entered into the drawing for prizes.


  • Pizza lunch w/President Luetzow & Conrad the Cardinal for your class and an MLS prize bag (5 stamps)
  • Gift card to the Cardinal Nest & Bird Feeder (5 stamps)
  • Bowling party at Stardust and an MLS prize bag(8 stamps)
  • iPad (10 stamps)
  • $150 tuition credit for MLS and an MLS prize bag (10 stamps)

There is NO entry fee* for the Junior Cardinal program.
Simply attend an MLS home event and sign up to be an MLS Jr. Cardinal.

*You will need to pay admission to your first event prior to signing up

By siging up for the the Jr. Cardinal program, you will also be entered into the MLS Birthday Club! Just make sure to include your birthdate and we’ll send you a card and a gift on your birthday!