Family Code

The Seminary Family
The expression Seminary Family is often heard on campus.  It is used by students and faculty to describe the close and friendly bond that exists at MLS.   Our common Christian faith ties people together in love and concern for one another. Students worship, study, practice, compete and eat meals together.  Friendships can grow so strong that classmates consider each other brothers and sisters for life.  
Each year students review the “Seminary Family Code,” a document that emphasizes the positive relationships that exist between members of a Christian family.
Students are to observe the scriptural principles reflected in the MLS Family Code.  New students are encouraged to look to responsible students in the upper classes for help and guidance and to respect their efforts to promote the policies and procedures of the school.  Ordering students to run errands, clean, make beds, carry books or trays, give up food, money or other personal items, or do other tasks for the personal benefit of upperclass students breaks the Seminary Family Code.

MLS Family Code
As a student at MLS and child of God, I am committed to…

  • Stand up for what is God-pleasing, not let the school suffer because of peer pressure
  • Hold a higher standard for myself than others, not be a hypocrite
  • Treat others with dignity, not embarrass or humiliate
  • Earn respect, not demand it
  • Show respect, not create disorder by undermining authority
  • Deal privately before publicly, neither run to authorities nor gossip as a first step
  • Remember that I, too, am a sinner loved by my Lord, not conform to the ways of the world but seek and apply guidance from God’s Word

As a student at MLS, I have a right to expect…

  • Respect for my person, my possessions and my feelings
  • Discipline when I am wrong that is fair and for my good, and that is done out of Christian love
  • Full use of my time and opportunities for worship, study, meals, recreation and sleep
  • Nothing for myself that is not right for others

As an upperclassman at MLS I have a special responsibility to…

  • Set a positive example as a leader on campus, not lead others astray
  • Use authority only when other responsible people will support me, not go off on my own
  • Discipline in Christian love, not intimidate or use physical force
  • Be able to explain and defend my actions to anyone, not act before I think